Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does anyone else feel like times a bit of a healer??

I've been 18 for 7 months now and since I found out I was so impatient to turn 18 so I could 'legally' start searching for biological relatives and join Donorlink UK. However, since actually turning 18, I've found that I'm no where near as impatient to start looking and although I have filled out the registration forms to join Donorlink I am no longer in such a rush to send them off and take my DNA test.

Does anyone else feel that with time, you stop worrying or thinking about it all as much? I will never give up hope for finding my family and will always and have always wanted to. I don't know if I believe time is a healer or just whether now I know I can legally start looking I'm not in such a hurry...