Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missouri's where it's at!!

From Kathleen LaBounty:

Cynthia Davis, of the Missouri State Legislature is looking to ban anonymous donations in the state of Missouri and give all donor-conceived offspring the right to access the donor's identity at age 21.  She is hoping to have a hearing about her bill (HB355) within the next three months.  She is looking for donor-conceived adults and families from Missouri to speak there.

If you are interested please contact Cynthia Davis at


Summary of the Introduced Bill
HB 355 -- Sperm and Egg Donations

Sponsor: Davis

This bill allows an adult child born as a result of a sperm or egg donation to obtain identifying information regarding the donor by requiring the name of the biological parent and the donor parent to be shown on the child's birth certificate. The State Registrar will file the original birth certificate in the event the non-donor parent requests a new birth certificate. Unless contracted in writing, no legal relationship will exist between the child born as a result of a sperm or egg donation or the child's parent and the child's donor. In the event of a birth as a result of a sperm or egg donor, any person or entity required to file a birth certificate must send the Department of Health and Senior Services documentation of the birth including the child's name, sex, and date and place of birth; the biological parent's name or other parent's name; and the donor parent's name.

An adult child of a sperm or egg donation made prior to January 1, 2010, can make a written request to the circuit court in the county in which he or she resides to secure and disclose identifying information of his or her donor parent. Donor parents can register with the Children's Division within the Department of Social Services if they choose to allow a child to obtain his or her identifying information. Any adult child born as a result of a sperm or egg donation will be subject to the same requirements as an adopted child when seeking identifying or non-identifying information regarding his or her donor parent. Children born as a result of a sperm or egg donation made after January 1, 2010, can receive a copy of his or her original birth certificate indicating his or her donor's identifying and medical history information from the State Registrar and the donation facility.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Infertility Treatment?

Hi everyone! What are your thoughts on this?

I always thought donor-conception was a treatment for infertility? Since when is a woman with 6 children already (albeit through DC) in need of more "infertility" treatment....and thats not even getting started on the 8 implanted embryos that have created the US Octuplet media frenzy!

"33-year-old Nadya Suleman says the octuplets were a sign from God that she should stop having children" be completely controversial, there are some people out there who may consider that the sign from God was needing the infertility treatment in the beginning! (Disclaimer: I am NOT of that opinion myself).

However, being an unemployed, single mum of 14, she is now "counting on God to help provide for her family but acknowledged that she already was "struggling" financially to raise her first six children" just in case he doesn't (and that God can be mysterious in his ways!) here's her website, so you can offer the family some best wishes....and a financial donation, of course.

Oooh, listen to me! I've surprised myself - I'm usually someone who's very happy to sit on the fence!! :o)

What a weird and crazy world we live in!
El xx