Friday, April 16, 2010

'Donating' sperm (or egg) is NOT similar to being a blood or organ donor

A response by a 'donor' conceived woman to (

"Sperm donating is also for life

JOHN McBain is misleading men when he says donating sperm is similar to being a blood or organ donor ( The Age, 12/4). He has (or should have) heard from enough adult donor offspring to know that this is not how many of us view the men who played such a significant role in our creation. Sperm donors are fathers too. Simply because they may play no part in the upbringing of their biological children does not mean that they will be any less important to them.

TV shows such as Find My Family clearly illustrate the deep human need to seek out family members to feel whole and connected to kin. Children created via sperm donation share this need. John McBain and any man considering donating his sperm must remember that children with no voice grow up to be adults, who may not share the view that donating sperm is simply an altruistic gift.

Myfanwy Walker, Upwey"

This letter was published in The Age here:
http://www.theage. letters/trust- us-says-the- government- but-it-has- gone-too- far-20100412- s403.html


Another letter written by a 'donor' conceived adult, Kim, (shared with her permission) in response to (

"John McBain is not the expert in donor IVF, the donor offspring are the real experts.

Ask a donor conceived adult if they would have made the choice to be removed from their genetic Kin...I think not.

There is a great loss suffered when one is removed from their biological family. So in referring to sperm donation as giving a "gift" this relates to the needs of the prospective parents.

How is it just that the child's needs come last? The convention on the rights of the child clearly states a child's right to nationality and family ties. It also states that children should not be separated from their parents unless is is for THEIR own good.

Donor conception has and always will serve the rights of the parents, while the child remains voiceless."

Note: This letter was not published (that I am aware of)

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